Over the years Dennis has shared his experiences and knowledge through speaking events, small classes, and social media. You can now access his knowledge and experience and apply this to your career, and programs. Whether you are just starting in cybersecurity or an executive there is something here for you.

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Hi, I’m Dennis E. Leber. I am a proud Kentuckian who now calls Tennessee home, Father, Husband, Grand Father, and Veteran.

I started my Information Security career in the Military, and have worked in the Automotive, Healthcare, Federal Government, and Finance Industries as an Information Security Leader.

I currently serves as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at The University of Tennessee Health and Science Center (UTHSC).

I have a passion for Information Security, and igniting that same passion in others to create future leaders. I have taught Information Security courses at different colleges, and speak regularly at conferences, and group events.

I earned an Associate’s Degree in Business Management, a Bachelor’s of Science in CyberSecurity, a Master’s of Information Systems, and is a Doctoral Candidate; all but dissertation, for his PhD in Technology – Cybersecurity.

I love to teach, and share my knowledge and experiences. Preparing folks for a rewarding career, developing our next generation of leaders, and impacting the industry are my motivations for starting this school on teachable.